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Adventure Game Goddess HELP


Currently it has only been tested in Ubuntu, this installation instructions are for Ubuntu Edgy.

  • sudo apt-get install liballegro4.2 libaldmb1 python python-mechanize python-pysqlite2 unzip unrar unace tar bzip2 wine
  • tar -xvvjf AdventureGameGoddess006.tar.bz2
  • cd AdventuregameGoddess006
  • python adventuregamegoddess.py

If you have problems please ask in the Forums

IMPORTANT: First Steps

The first thing you need to do is download Linux engines

  • 9. Maintenance
    • 1. Download Linux Engines

You must introduce the numbers to move in menus. Once finished go back to main menu with 0


Main Menu

1. Games by Status
Will show the games that have a certain status
Possible Status are:
  • INSTALLED: The game is installed
  • DOWNLOADED: the game is downloaded but not installed yet
  • DIRECT URL: The game can be downloaded
  • --- NO ---: Adventure Game Goddess knows no direct url to the installer, can't be downloaded directly. Later we will see how you can fill this info.
  • ! ERROR: Error codes start with !
2. Search
You can introduce a text to be searched in Title, Author and Description fields
4. Browse (filtered)
Show the games that pass all the filters
4. Filters
You can set accumulative filters on most fields of the database. Note: These filters only affect Browse (filtered)
9. Maintenance
Many tools to keep your Toolkit up to date (Explained later)
0 is allways used to quit all menus, as you are in the main menu you quit from the application

A look at a game list

The result of a search or browse looks like this:

ID DATE JOY SIZE STATUS TITLE(AUTHOR) 473 2004-12-03 80% 3 MB --- NO --- Lost In The Nightmare - Demo (CoolBlue-Gord10) 513 2005-03-05 84% 22 MB DIRECT URL Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 4 - Horror at Number 50 (Francisco Gonzalez) 644 2005-11-09 85% 45 MB DIRECT URL Prodigal (Trisk) 0. BACK / S. Sort / or GAME ID:

You can enter a game by introducing it's ID (first column), S to choose a criteria to sort the game list, or go Back by introducing 0

The Game

A game screen looks like this

ID: 846 Title: Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls Author: Le Woltaire ---------- Resolution: 320x200 at 16-bit color Downloads: 3567 Size: 29696 Category: Full length games Date: 2007-01-22 ---------- Bad Language: Mild Sex/Nudity: Frontal nudity Violence: Strong Description: This is the second part of the Earl Bobby trilogy. ---------- Visual: 93 Immersion: 95 Puzzles: 93 Enjoyment: 93 ---------- Web: http://spectrum.sitesled.com/earl_bobby.html Mirror: http://new.bigbluecup.com/games.php?action=download&game=846 Mirror1: http://new.bigbluecup.com/games.php?action=download&game=846&mirror=1 Img: http://le_woltaire.sitesled.com/games/Screens_big_small.jpg ---------- Engine: None DataFile: None Direct URL: http://le_woltaire.sitesled.com/games/bobbys_balls_talky.rar Status: DIRECT URL ---------- P. Play / S. Setup / A. Advanced setup / U. Uninstall / I. Delete Installer / 0. BACK

You can see all the info Adventure Game Goddess has about that game and here's where you can install games or play to them.

P. Play
Use Grog with Monkey
S. Setup
It will Download, Install and setup the game, only what's needed depending it's initial status
A. Advanced Setup
You can alter Engine, Data file, and Direct URL fields. Only needed if Adventure Game Goddess can't guess any of them right.

If Data file info is missing Adventure Game Goddess will guess it's the biggest 'exe' or 'run' file. It's almost allways a safe bet

If Engine info is missing Adventure Game Goddess will guess it by researching the data file. The guesser is still quite rudimentary, but It's answer will usually be OK

If Direct URL is missing Adventure Game Goddess won't be able to download the game (Yet).

This will happen when there are intermediate html pages until the file. For now you can get this information by following the links in your browser

U. Uninstall
Will delete the installed game
I. Delete installer
Will delete the installer of the game

Maintenance Menu

One day you will want to know what's behind that 9. You must know that many tools can be very unpolite to others if abused. Please use them only if needed

1. Download Linux Engines
If you want to play games you need to do this at least once. If you already did it you can forget about this until a new AGS Linux version is released
2. Scrape menu
Tools to keep your system up to date, house of dangerous and unpolite tools
2. Database menu
You can drop and create diverse tables. You probably won't need this

Scrape Menu

1. Scrape ALL games info form AGS Website to cache
Dangerous! Reads alls the games info from AGS database, that means a lot of web requests. Don't use this unless you have a really really good reason for it.
2. Scrape NEW games info form AGS Website to cache
Reads info for new games in AGS database, you can use this every once in a while
3. Insert CACHED data into games database
The info from the Scraper doesn't go directly to the database, it stands in txt files too, this is the cache. If you deleted the games database, you better fill it again from cache, and not scrape the whole AGS site.
5. Check all MIRRORS
Dangerous! test all mirrors from database and fills the 'Direct URL' field if the mirror is good. Use only in case of alien attack.
6. Check missing MIRRORS
Same as above but only tries with games without direct URL information. Still not to be used regularly.